Thursday, 5 June 2014

Have you ever fainted or had an operation? You know that fuzzy sort of other worldly feeling you get as you come round, like the world is one step removed? Well thats kinda how I feel most of the time. Thoughts I used to be able to process relatively quickly, settle like mud in muddy water, and each new thought throws it all up again.

Recently I have had several streams of thought, which culminated last night in a credit card bing that cost me just shy of £400, so a big thank you to the NHS, who let autistic people and their families down every second and every day. So, let me list my thoughts.

1. My friend with the boy who is 3 and fighting to get her sons gut issues investigated properly, finally got to see the gastro specialist and a dietician. They decided not to do any test, but instead put him on brown rice etc to firm up his pooh, because poor child has never had a normal pooh in his life and according to his mum they stink like the devil. To take him off the gluten free diet etc and do all those things that go against all the literature out there that actually helps them. Within 2 days the eczema on her little boys face was weeping on his cheeks and she had to use steroid cream. She left with the feeling they both thought she was a wacko.

2. I watched a presentation listing how autistic adults are doing, and its not good. Suicide, death from being restrained in custody, generally falling apart under the nose of the social services etc.

3.While what I have done for Ed had certainly helped, he is no where near being any where like normal, he will be 8 soon, and I just have that shadow in my mind that to much time has passed and at this rate - God only knows what his fate is. I hit a mighty age this year, and my ability to physically cope with him are not going to improve, quite the opposite. What sort of mess am I leaving my other sons when I die? (and I am not being morbid here, thats just a reality)

4. Heavy metal poisoning just keeps coming up. My dentist I am sure has given me mercury poisoning which I in turn passed to Ed. Its the key stone to his toxic biology. There is no one in this country who will chelate autistic children for metals. The strain that this process put on the body, needs medical monitoring of their liver and kidney function to make sure they can cope with the extra biological burden. Do I just bugger it and do it my self, do the pros outweigh the cons? I am sure that until I resolve this issue, Ed will remain the same.

5. Toxin body build up, like living your life in a house never opening the doors or window, breathing in the same old stale air, is a bit like the cells in your body. Inflammation reduces the ability of the cell to remove waste, leading to a build up of toxins which set off a cascade of unfortunate biological events which lead to more toxins and more inflammation. So I have to detox a child who is very uncooperative, won't swallow anything, after having an aqua-detox - now hits a high C NOOOOOOOO!!! if you mention washing his feet. Can't see him sitting in a sauna, or lying on a bio-mat. What to do.

6. I went to a funeral last week, the father of my sister in law died. My life is so screwed up that I actually had a great day with Ed at the childminders all day, and me out with my family. How messed up is that. I realised how screwed up my relationships are, everything revolves round Ed.

7. My brothers comment when I forwarded a product that might help his wife with ME, as the more I look at it, the more the triggers for autism are triggering a myriad of modern day illness. None of which are being treated properly, my son just got autism, you might get Parkinson's or cancer, or diabetes, or some other disease. "Doctors are all pill pushers and scab pullers."

8. My sons comment on what did I do all day when they weren't there. Well, even when Ed isn't there, my time is still taken up with washing all his pants, he can go through easily 6 pairs a day plus trousers. Then there internet searching for techniques, products, protocols and anything that will help him. Yesterday I got up from the computer and my whole body ached I had sat down all day searching, cross referencing.

So I resolved to find a practitioner and get help - bugger the cost. Only, it isn't that easy. After a week of looking, and seeing what was on offer and the cost, again, I thought bugger that. You can probably tell from the amount of times I have used that word that my mood isn't that of sunshine. There is nothing here in this country that I can turn to for help. Yet, in the news today, we have a death of a wee baby from a contaminated drip with 15 others critically ill. A few months ago, the figure for death from diabetes misdiagnosis and treatment last year almost hit 100,000. So not only is our health service not helping, its harming. What do I do, where do I go for help?

So, thats where the £400 comes in. It isn't as effective and quick as a medical chelation, but I found a natural product that as a bonus comes with 10 amino-acids, that appears to be effective at removing and escorting heavy metals from the body. Now that critically important because the last thing you want to do is more it around. I found a pro-bioitc thats coated so it reaches the intestines alive, and its a high enough count to do some good with various strains. I found an amazing magnesium spray to again aid in detox, and also provide enough magnesium to actually help the body (nearly all the enzyme functions of the body need magnesium to function) and as a spray, it means that I can be assured that its actually been absorbed as opposed to just going down the plug hole. I found a fantastic mineral product with this that and the other, to much good stuff to list. I found an amazing B vitamin patch to help with detox and cognitive function, a glutathiamin patch to help detox, a melatoine patch to help him sleep and give his adrenal glands a chance to recover (lord they must be shrivelled up like little raisins) a fantastic mix of cold pressed oil stored finally in a glass container designed to protect it from light, that will help nourish and detox Ed by reducing the inflammation in his cells so that they can finally start working right, and again its got all sort of amino-acids plus a load of vitamins and minerals, and some amazing plankton product that is just full of goodness and trace this and that to really make sure that he is topped off with what he needs, so he can get rid of what he doesn't. And I am racking my brain because I am sure I missed something. Anyway, all I need now is an action plan to put it all in practice because obviously you cant start everything off at the same time. At least the patches will be held up in customs for a few days as they have to come from canada.

And so friend, while I have an anger that seethes about the lack of care from those who are paid to care, and an anger about the Governments who allow us to be poisoned, and I really mean poisoned by untested chemicals and filthy air and water, with foods devoid of nutritional content, an aggressive vaccination plan into little bodies unable to cope with it, I am actually quite excited about the next few months. I bought in a big enough supply to really give this a good go. Now if you are thinking that I have lost it with the poisoning bit, lets just talk GMO real quick. You will be told that they are the solution to world hunger. Actually, they have just been created to be resistant to pesticides, and the crop yield is actually lower than normal crops and, they need more water than normal plants and so are susceptible to drought. Dow chemicals at the moment is asking Obama to pass a law which will allow them to spray crops with Agent Orange (remember that nice chemical they used in Vietnam and the deformities that babies in that country are still being born with) because the round up ready crops, yes they really are spraying our food with round up, are failing because the weeds have become resistant. So just as bacteria are becoming resistant, the weeds are to, and these are super weeds! Breast feeding mothers in the states are now passing through their milk high levels of pesticides. I forget the study that revealed that sad fact, but you can look it up yourself. And I kind of feel like banging my head against something hard, because surely, this is a world gone mad with the tail wagging the dog? Ed may be crazy, but at least unlike our world leaders, he isn't wicked crazy. Rant over. XX