Friday, 10 May 2013

why write this

After the normal 5-6 hours of madness that follow Edward getting home from school and into bed, I sat on the sofa exhausted and phoned my friends and made my excuses for not making another night out. The following morning, I received some sweeet message wishing me well, and how they understood - but nobody who hasn't looked after an autistic child does. An so the idea for this blog began to germinate, because unless someone tells you how can you know! With autism affecting 1 in 100 children, some saying 1 in 80, the chances are good it affects someone you know. Picking my way through the emotional and physical minefield of autism is the most difficult and interesting thing I have ever done. I have come across all sorts of bits and bobs that I think would be of help to others in my situation and interesting to those who arent.

The name for the blog is the statement Eds taxi driver came out with as Ed strolled in the house after school, this was after he had got out of the Houdini harness + velcro cumber-band which was supposed to keep him in his seat, headbutted the escort and bitten him through his leather jacket as he tried to let him out, stripped off and had a redhot sweaty screaming fit. "He looks like a little angel" he said incredulously, I use this phrase all the time now with my family when we have an Edward moment.

I am the mum of 3 boys, 18years, 14 years and 6 (my bonus baby-Edward) my life is like ground-hog day except that whilst I seem to be doing the same everyday, I get older, fatter and more knackered (tired to those that dont understand that saying) my life is funny and tragic, and I hope that you'll enjoy sharing my ups and down. So to all the mums of 'normal children' I hope to give a glimpse of what life is like for all those warrior mums of 'special children' and to them I want to offer hope, friendship and understanding.

So, this is my life....


  1. Great stuff Liz - keep up the blog!

    Love from The Blues

  2. If he is an angel, you are Gabriel. You are an extremely gifted and funny lady. Thank goodness for a sense of humor . Your blog is amazing and very much enlightening. Keep up the good work. Big hugs to both you and Ed. xxx