Friday, 17 May 2013

normal service has been resumed!

Well, I was so proud of myself last Friday. I'm pretty clueless about technology and have only recently started using a mobile phone, so actually getting something up and running was a real achievement for me, so there I was all fired up about sharing the exciting world of caring for Edward. Saturday came, normally the weekends are really quite "exciting" - but no nothing. So there I am in the early evening getting our tea ready and going over the day in my head, really, he had plenty of opportunity to kick off, and I am convinced he is sabotaging my plans for this blog with his psychic abilities (more on that latter). In the morning, Blaine had forgotten his keys and couldn't open up the Saturday Club so we had to go home, this would normally have led to a melt down, but nothing, not even when we got home, no complaining. Blaine called, keys acquired, back to Saturday club, happy all morning, happy all the way home, happy eating lunch, happy playing with some toys - yeah I said it, playing with some toys! what the hell was going on! So, there I was cooking tea, when I realize all the cushions have gone, and Ed is walking down the hall with one, so I follow him to find out what he's doing. He is now laughing madly (which is usually a bad sign) and running in the living room with it, and that’s when I see he has posted all my cushions through the top window and they are all in a bush out in the pouring rain, this apparently was hilarious. The rest of the evening involved a lot of hoovering, a lot of chuckling (which as he is non-verbal I assume he is laughing at posting the cushion) and one pooh in the bath. Normal.

On Sunday I drive down to my parents. My lovely brother has bought them a bio-mat to help with Mums bad back and Dads prostate cancer, this mat emits far-infrared rays and looks like it could help, but its too heavy for them to get out of the box.  I am really excited about what this could possibly do for them and set it up for them. Its about an hours drive, Ed is really excited and has had the hoover at the front door ready to go for some time, but having set off happy, something happens and he gets upset in a flash. I have no idea what it is, and can't do anything coz I'm driving, he unbuckles his belt and is kicking the back of my seat, real tears, screaming NO!!!!! Thankfully, it only last for 10 minutes, but starts again as we are nearly there, as we pull off the motorway and he recognizes where we are, he is all smiles again. As for the rest of the day at Nanny and Babas’, he is really good again, much calmer, but still a lot of hoover action! So we have a lovely day with them, get the mat up and running and Ed is fine going home. With nothing else really to do on the way home but drive, I play the weekend over in my head. Edward really looks like he has turned a corner from the screaming, biting, kicking, head-banging, shit smearing child that we have known over the past few years, even when that calmed down he would still have me on my feet all time, and other than pouring 3 pints of milk down the drain and eating all of the toothpaste, he had been really good. So I call my parents to let them know we are home safe and sound from my mobile (coz now I am all technical) and he jumps out of the car and runs up to the front door where he pulls his pants down and wees all over my front step. Bath time is 2 poo’s, 2 baths! normal service has been resumed!

Monday morning. Ed like his mother is not a morning person. I generally leave him alone till he is ready, but this morning he is all smiles. I think he is still laughing about weeing on the doorstep (he was amused all night with it) off he goes in the taxi to school, and I look forward to having sometime not looking after anyone, when the school calls to say he has been sick in the car, come and get him. I am told to keep him off for 48 hours!!! arghhhh!!! When he comes to reception with Deanna, the sweet lady who is his primary contact he is all smiles and happiness, there is nothing wrong with him. He was sick in the car last Monday and really enjoyed the day off, and I am sure he has stuck his fingers down his throat to get the day off again, I know that sounds harsh, but 2 Mondays on a row! no sickness anywhere else!! no loss of appetite!!! happy!!!! Well, what will be will be, so on the way out I talk to Deanna about the weekend and starting this blog, when I get to him peeing on the doorstep, she asks what’s up with all the weeing? Apparently he has been weeing everywhere at school, including the wastebasket in the classroom and the playground where he added the creative touch of peeing whilst spinning so no-one would go near him to stop him till he finished. She has agreed to let me know what he gets up to at school so if its 'interesting' I can add it on. So dear reader, there are still rich pickings to be had.

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