Sunday, 18 August 2013

2 steps forward 1 step back

Sometimes even as you say something you know you shouldn't in case you 'jinx' it. And so it was on Friday. I had just bashed out my last post before trotting off for Ed. I arrived to find him licking the mat at the very front of the school - not a good sign. He seems happy once he sees me, and I thank all the staff till next holiday (when I darken their doorstep again) and pick up his stuff. Attached to his changing bag is tied a plastic bag - again - not a good sign. We get home, happy enough, just as I am putting his kit away I hear splashing water on the floor of the utility room. I rush in to find its not water but wee, Ed is standing there peeing on the floor, as he does so he pulls the back of his pant down to reveal a great big pooh which I am too late to do anything about. As it hits the ground it breaks in two, as he steps forward to get to the toilet, he treads in half of it with his feet covered in his trousers. Bloody marvellous, at least now I have a full load.

Spent the weekend thinking about this, sometimes you really wonder why you bother. Then today he spoke two new words. Sat on the toilet waiting for another pooh (anyone envious yet!) he clearly says 'pooh' twice. And in bed, after reading him 'Freddie and the Fariy' as he was turning the pages and reading it for himself with his own funny noises - he started making monkey noises at the picture of the monkey! Yeah! it may seem a little trifle of nothing, but in our world, even just looking you in the face is something to treasure. From little acorns grow big trees, hope is still alive.

Tomorrow, he has a fun day, promise to post something informative as opposed to just what we got up to. xx

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