Friday, 9 August 2013

this little piggy went to ...

Well, I apologise for my rant in the last post (though I'm right!) but just to finish up, what about the brainiac who put a nuclear reactor on a well known fault line, just above sea level in a tsunami area? How could I forget that one?

But hats off to the inventor of Velcro, the washing machine, hoovers, fridges, and decent sanitary ware for women.

Apologise also for my poor grammar. Even my 14 year old has complained about it! Well, I am a child of the '60's and we were just taught to write, which is exactly what I do, I sit down, type, spell check, post, job done.

So, whats new in our world. Ed has had a series of unfortunate events. On Sunday, whilst washing out the latest offering of poohy pants, he came out of the living room like a bat out of hell, screaming. He ran around all the house upstairs and downstairs screaming in obvious pain. I had no idea what had happened and being non-verbal he couldn't tell me. Eventually I managed to get his thumb under a cold tap, it wasn't cut but he held it tightly in his hand then wrapped it in his top. He calmed down eventually, but, don't touch my thumb! As the day drew on, I thought maybe he had broken it? what should I do? Well, I slept on it, and it seemed a bit better in the morning, and I think that he probably got stung on the thumb by a wasp. On the following day, I had the most wonderful time. We dropped Ed off at his holiday club, and I spent the day basking in the glory that is my sister. We pottered about town till it was time to get the lad. Thankfully we were early, because there he was crying at the front door. What a disaster, he had bitten a member of staff, pulled some children's hair, and then spent the rest of the time crying by the front door. The sweet lady who runs it said she knew I was having a nice time with my sister so she wasn't going to call me. So we had to pick up Ed, who wouldn't walk or put his shoes on. When we got home, I noticed he was walking funny, trying not to put weight on his big toe. So my darling sister held him down while I had a look and it just didn't look right, it was swollen with a big blister above it. Thankfully I have a wonderful Dr, who gave me an emergency appointment, and told me to my surprise that his toe was infected and the blister was pus. He gave me anti-biotic and off we went, now the infection was out, Ed was much happier, but still not walking on his toe. Well, that explained his bad behaviour which made me a little happier, though there was no way on this earth he was going to take his medicine. The next day was with children in action who had a fun day at Thames valley adventure park. This place is just heaven for Ed, its a fantastic playground just for special needs children and what they don't have isn't worth having. I knew he would have a great day, so I just warned them about his toe and off I went. Latter that day, when I went to pick him up I was puzzled to find him sat in a buggy. The sweet girl who was looking after him had apparently been pushing him around for an hour or so. As I looked at him, I asked, "what happened to his toe?' Well, he had scrapped all the skin of his little toe just above the nail on the same foot as his bad toe. Poor little chap, three things in three days. Thankfully, I had been back to the DR and picked up some anti-biotic cream for his toe! Now, my rant on my last post was spurred on by the pain in my toe. I had been pushing the shopping out to the car when I kicked the back wheel of the trolley. God it hurt. I thought no more about it, till it felt wet in my sandal. Looking down I had really hurt myself, the nail on my little toe is no more, hence when I sat down to post something, with 40mins till the boy came home from his last day off school, things didn't come out quite as they would have under more favourable circumstance.

On the whole, our summer holiday is working out OK, minus the odd toe and finger x

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