Friday, 16 August 2013

the end of the pooh pant bucket?

I know I don't normally post two days in a row, but I am putting off an awful job, and that awful job is washing out all the pants in the pooh bucket of disinfectant - so who can blame me! Yeah, I know, I haven't talked about pooh for a while and your all missing it. Well, the funny thing about my pooh pant bucket is - that its not full. It just has a few pairs of pants from a while ago which have been forgotten because I haven't been putting in the 2, 3, sometimes 4 pairs of pants in a day. See, I like a full load, then I wash them with disinfectant again, and then put them on a really hot wash. And I don't have a full load yet. And the only reason I can think of is my new thing - water kefir. My medium boy has had a bit of a runny bum recently, but I think I over dosed him and myself because it tastes so nice. Ed on the other hand has about an inch in the bottom of a cup of cranberry juice, more or less every time he has a drink. The effect is that the other day he did the most perfect pooh which left his bottom clean as a whistle. (Are whistles that clean?) And that was a dear diary moment.

He has also been a lot more calm, I mentioned in my last post he has been singing. I also need to say, that yesterday though, I found him at the front door of the holiday club he goes to in the summer, only wearing his vest and pants. He was upset that he couldn't turn off the x-box the other children were playing with, so he was in a very cross state, licking the mat that everyone walks on when they come in! So if he doesn't end up with the runs, this stuff is really working. The lady who gave me the kefir grains, puts them in a cupboard to do their thing, however, I have moved mine to the window sill. I love watching them bubble and bits float up to the top and then down again, its like a living lava lamp. I think that other than the fact all people dealing with dealing with autism, say first thing is to restore the bacteria in the gut, that the magic of them is lost. I read somewhere that one of the things that our friendly bacteria do is produce B12. B12 is the energy vitamin, and the one our brains need to work. Of course it does a lot more but that is it in a nutshell. So, I kinda think in a funny way to most people - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - I thought is that why we are suffering with dementia like we are. People start off normal, anti-biotic slowly kill all our friendly bacteria through the Dr and our hormone injected anti-bacteria treated industrially produced meat and dairy. We have anti-bacteria this and that in the home which only kills 99.9% of germ (that other .1% always bothers me, if that's the one we cant kill, what the hell is it!) and slowly slowly our internal flora dies, the weeds take over. The yeast, unfriendly bacteria, parasites etc and our B12 stops and slowly slowly we fade away. We have stopped eating food as we have done for centuries, gone is the raw milk and cheese and butter, gone are the fermented veggies we stored for over winter, gone is the sour-dough bread. I know I am starting another rant, but something deep inside tell me that our autistic children are a symptom of something that has gone awfully wrong in our modern world, and that the rise in their number is linked to the rise in all our modern day woes, cancer, dementia, diabetes, obesity, addiction, the list goes on.

I follow a lady who produces a blog about cultured foods, she was really sick and bedridden. These bacteria rich foods brought her back to health. She say that each of them have different types of bacteria in them, and to reap the real benefits you need to have kefir, cultured foods and komboucha. I have already seen the benefits form kefir, I know that's the only thing that's changed over the past weeks, we haven't had any more NAET treatments - yet. So, I think I am going to try my hand at culturing some food and hope he eats it.

Next week is the end of his holiday club, and we have a full week of NAET treatments booked. Look forward to posting something amazing at the end of it - fingers crossed xx

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