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acetaminophen, the link to autism and asthma

There was a point during WW1 that our soldiers were ordered to walk towards the enemy line, despite being shot at with machine guns, history tells us this is what they did. I remember learning the fact and wondering how they could have been so stupid, but you see they were told to do it and they did. It was only afterward, after the deaths of millions that tactics changed. How often have we been told to do something and done it?

When my mum was pregnant with Steve, she had awful morning sickness, she toyed with the idea of taking a wonderful new drug that stopped morning sickness, but my dad said, no, let nature take its course. That wonderful new drug was called - Thalidomide.

When I was pregnant with Ed, I suffered with terrible migraines. I had them before I fell pregnant and the only thing that helped was Migraleve. I took the pack to the Dr to ask if it was safe to take during pregnancy, he looked at he pack and checked it up in his big book of medical facts and gave it the OK.
 My dad said, maybe its best not to take it while your pregnant, I said I had to because I couldn't cope with the pain. Should have been stronger and listened to my dad. Read this yesterday, spent quite a bit of time in tears of remorse, I am putting it in bold because people of the world need to take note.

    'It appears that the marked increase in the rate of autism throughout much of the world may be largely mediated by the marked increase in the use of acetaminophen in genetically and or metabolically susceptible children and perhaps the use of acetaminophen by pregnant women.'
     Dr William Shaw

Now you may be looking at that and thinking thank god I didn't take that, but you see they don't sell it under that name. In the USA its called Tylenol, paracetamol in Europe.

OK, so what does he mean by genetically or metabolically susceptible children? Well we all have various biochemical pathways in our bodies that help remove toxins. Imagine that it's like your waste bin and the rubbish collection. Not all waste bins though are the same size, in this group of children they have little tiny waste bins and the bin men don't come weekly. Imagine this in your house, you produce the same amount of waste, have half the bin size ( or less) and the bin men come fortnightly, or monthly or worse - how much waste would you accumulate. Well imagine now the slow toxic buildup inside your body doing the same thing with your metabolic waste, that's what happens inside these children. And that's without all the man made toxins! Now this is just my theory, but those children grow up generally quite normally till the toxins start to overload their system (every year more and more man made chemicals are released into the environment and ingested or absorbed, be they in your food, your clothes, your personal care products etc) and as they get older the toxic overload manifest itself as Parkinson, Alzheimer etc, like my late father-in-law. These biochemical pathways include Sulfation and Methylation and when they are working correctly they keep you heathy.  Now the picture Dr Shaw paints is very interesting because it includes intestinal bacteria, and I can't tell you how much better Ed has been this week. All I am doing at the moment is giving him about a glass a day of homemade kefir water, Iodine, and Epsom Salt baths.

Back to Dr Shaw and his findings. There can't be many people who haven't heard of a possible link to autism and vaccines, particularly the MMR. Well, Dr Shaw looked at the autism rate in Cuba which was 0.00168 as compared with the Center for Disease Control data published march 30 in the USA at a whopping rate of 1.13 (a 23% increase on the previous study in 2006) In Cuba, the vaccination rate is 99%, more that the take up in the USA of 85%, and by the age of 6, each Cuban child has received 34 shots. The major difference is in Cuba they NEVER give acetaminophen with vaccinations. The cuban medical establishment sees fever as a normal and beneficial side effect of vaccinations, proving that the immune system is working. They do not medicate unless the fever is above 104F or has lasted longer that 2 days. I have tried to bullet point the cascade effect of acetaminophen (aka paracetamol) that Dr Shaw has identified in these genetically/metabolically susceptible children (ie, tiny waste bin, long collection time.)

1 - Because sulfation is often defective in autistic children, they can't detoxify it, it therefore becomes toxic.
2 - This leads to a clostridia bacteria overgrowth. This particular bacteria causes an over production of brain dopamine and reduced brain norepinephrine.
3 - To much dopamine = obsessive, compulsive behaviour.
4 - To little norepinephrine leads to reduced exploratory behaviour.
5 - Because they can't use the sulfation process to get rid of the acetaminophen, their body uses another pathway called cytochrome P450.
6 - Use of the cytochrome P450 pathway leads to an excessive production of N-Acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine (NAPQI) which is a toxic metabolite.
7 - NAPQI depletes glutathione which again reduces the bodies ability to detoxify a host of toxic chemicals from the bodies environment.
8 - In addition, NAPQI creates oxidative stress which leads to protein, lipid and nucleic acid damage from free radicals. It also increases the rate of damage to mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.
9 - NAPQI production has been found to increase in humans at recommended dosage of acetaminophen, and would be expected to be higher in people with diminished sulfation capacity.

Lets fill in some details and I will try to go through the subjects by their numbers above, because it a tricky interwoven cascade of events a bit like a 3D game of chess, and has ramifications outside of those concerned just with autism.

1 - Sulfation is the pathway that helps rid the body of a group of  potentially harmful chemicals known as Phenols. Phenols can be found in highly coloured fruit and veg, like plums, apples , bananas, chocolate etc. The phenols are attracted to the sulfation process like a magnet, but if there is a deficiency of sulfate in the blood stream, instead they build up. A build up of phenolic compounds can interfere with neurotransmitter functions. Dr Warring (School of Bio-Sceince University Birmingham) found that autistic children have 15% of the normal level of sulfate compared to neuro typical children.  Whilst not the prime cause for autism, certainly they are responsible for much of the dysregulation of the biological and physiological process. The Feingold Diet exclude phenols from the diet and can be very useful for autistic, and dyslexic people. However, I took the view that rather than excluding what is an otherwise healthy food, I needed to try and fix the problem. You can aid the sulfation pathway by Epsom Salt baths (yes, granny knew best) or by rubbing in magnesium sulfate cream. Interestingly, a side effect of a phenol problem is headaches and migraines, so looks like I need to sort myself out.

2 - Clostridium. Dr Shaw thinks that clostridium difficile is responsible for the production of HPHPA (its long medical name is so long I will just use the abbreviation) which is a tyrosine derivative. Tyrosine is an amino acid and is the raw material for the production of neurotransmitters "I suspect that this product might be very important in altering key bio-chemical pathways for neurotransmitters in the brain." Patients with values of HPHPA greater than 500 mmol/mol creatinine, almost always have sever neurological, psychiatric or gastrointestinal disorders such as autism, sever depression, psychotic behaviour, schizophrenia, muscle paralysis, colitis and sometime a combination of them. He was interested in HPHPA because, "Structurally its related to the neurotransmitter dopamine and norepinephrin. (To cut a long story short), the possibility of the formation of false neurotransmitters from the abnormal microbial products of phenylalanie, such as 3-hydroxphenylalancie and 2-hydroxyphenylalanine. both these isomes of tyrosine that would form false neurotransmitters when transported into the neurons."

HPHPA is an abnormal phenylalanine metabolite produced by gastrointestinal bacteria of the clostridia species, it produces spores which are completely resistant to drugs. Once the bacteria has been killed by anti-biotics, it re-colonises by its spores. The only way to prevent this re-colonisation is to 're-seed' with good intestinal bacteria, the one particularly mentioned was L acidophilus - perhaps this is why Ed is doing so well, Kefir water is basically a drink of good intestinal bacteria.

On an interesting side note. Richard Jaeckle Md, a psychiatrist and allergist in texas has successfully treated a number of psychotic patients using anti-fungal therapy, "Patients with psychotic behaviours may well have a gastrointestinal overgrowth of both year and clostridia.'

6 - Cytochrome P450 pathway. These enzymes play a crucial role in detoxifying xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are chemical compounds found in an organism but which is not normally produced or expected to be present in it. Compounds such as  drugs, pesticides or carcinogens. Interestingly, fluoride is xenobiotic.

Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up, the worlds most popular herbicide) inhibits cytochrome P450. Interference with cytochrome 450 disrupts the biosynthesis of amino acids by the 'good' intestinal bacteria, as well as impairing the sulfate transport - so glyphosates are a major player in our modern diseases of gastro-intestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinsons.

7 - Glutathione is a major player in the detox system methylation. It is a series of very important bio-chemical reaction in the body responsible for overall good health. It is so important that I intended it be an article all on its own, if your interest is aroused, look it up.

8 - Oxidative stress and lipid damage. Each and every cell in your body has 2 layers of lipid fats making up the cell membrane. When toxins come in and attach to the cell membrane they cause the membrane to inflame. This causes another cascade of unfortunate events because now the cell has a decreased cellular fluidity, ie, nutrients can't get in and waste produced by the mitochondrial (your energy source) can't get out. This is the actual meaning of inflammation, when they tell you for instance that white bread is inflammatory, that's what they mean. The hormone receptor sites on the cell stop working and so the cell stops hearing what the body wants it to do. In the case of diabetes for instance, doesn't matter how much insulin is floating around if it can't attach to the cell wall, the cell can't use it. This is another big subject that I was going to cover individually, because one of the toxins that your cells don't like funnily enough is vegetable oil. Your cells actually prefer grass-fed butter, and other fats that you have been told are bad for you. If you want to investigate this yourself a really easy way is to youtube Dr Dan Pompa, who makes a complicated subject easy to understand, and he is quite easy on the eye too!

Now remember, all of this is just the reaction to the painkiller, haven't even mentioned what the vaccine does to your body. All that on top of dealing with whatever they just injected you with! So there you have it, I am sorry again for mis-spellings, poor grammar, etc. I haven't read this through as Ed is due home any moment. I present this information not as Doctor or scientist, but as a mother whose life and family has been blighted by autism. And so far, none of the 'professionals' have managed to help me at all. What has helped is my own "quackery"(ie. natural interventions like NAET, epsom salts, vitamins, minerals etc) and other like minded, blighted mums.

On a side note, Dr John McBride (a paediatric pulmonologist at Akron childrens hospital ohio) was stunned by the link between asthma and acetaminophen.
"The more acetaminophen somebody takes, the more likely it is that they have asthma. Also, theres an incredible consistency. Everybody around the world who's looked for this association has been able to find it."

Now I know there was a story in the British press a while ago about this link, which has been dismissed by the NHS. But I can't help feeling that the whole truth hasn't come out. I remember giving Ed Medised, 7 years ago, you could give it  to children from 3 months onwards. Now, its for children 6 years and up! How much has really changed since they handed out thalidomide? That was something with a concrete physical manifestation. How long will it be before someone joins the dots and tells us what causing autism - or have they just done it?

Anyone really interested hop over to and sign up for a free webinar from Dr William Shaw PhD himself, 30th October 2013

Love to the world x

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