Thursday, 3 October 2013

the ups and downs of detox

Sorry for not posting earlier. What a week last week was! Ed was off the chart, and I was so tired that I took myself off to bed for a couple of hours nap after the boys were off to school. So we achieved nothing at all and this one has been all about catching up.

On Thursday last week, Ed came out of the taxi hot and sweaty, screaming, no shoes, he had already thrown them in the car, and in he came like a whirl wind. The plugs were pulled from their socket, the TV was turned round and all the wires pulled out, things were thrown, things were thrown out of the window... What the hell had gone wrong? On Friday morning I wrote in his school book 'What the F happened, he was a nightmare!' By nightmare I mean he screamed and thrashed till I went to bed about midnight, when he came in bed with me and settled - sort of. I spent all Friday trying to figure out what was wrong when a light bulb went off. Both he and I have been having regular iodine doses. I give Ed some on his wrist before he goes to school and by the time he comes home its gone. So I give him another lot which has gone by bed time and if I remember to, I give him another lot. Mine tends to have disappeared by the morning. You know sometimes you are so close to a problem its invisible, our problem I am sure was we were both detoxing. Mine resulted in tiredness, his unleashed the yeast beast, because of course the iodine will be killing all those nasty pathogens and their remains are poisoning his system till they are excreted.

He was seven on Sunday and we had a lovely weekend spent in the company of my sister and nanny and baba. I had told him on Friday night that his birthday was coming and he really seemed to understand, and trust me, you would have to travel far to find another child who enjoys the song 'Happy Birthday' more. When we were all up, I asked Ed if he would like to open his presents. "Yes" he said getting up and going to the other room without prompting, and boy does he like a bit of wrapping paper, not so much the birthday card!

This week we have been much better, my energy level is back to normal, and Ed is more settled. It only takes him a few minutes bashing with the hoover and throwing something out the door to settle. We have even managed to have a couple of walks before tea round the village to feed the ducks and home. His is babbling more than before, and using words such as 'more', and initiating contact. The other day he gave Richard a 'eskimo kiss' where you rub noses - very sweet, and lovely for Rich to have some nice contact with his son.

Trying to rid the house of toxic items, I bought some fluoride free toothpaste from the health food shop. It tastes surprisingly nice.  Ed does have a tendency to eat toothpaste, and the relief that its not harming him now is enormous. In fact, since the iodine experiment, he hasn't eaten toothpaste really at all, whether is coincidence or not I am not sure. Also he has managed to get to the toilet without an accident this week, so despite his violent behaviour, there have been some steps forward. I haven't found time this week to back up with quotes, names and dates what I know about conventional toothpaste and tooth care, but intend to post something next week. It will also cover good and bad fats, and you may be surprised to find out which are which, and, the fact they have a direct relationship to how strong your teeth are. Till then xx


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