Wednesday, 31 July 2013

are most scientists arseholes?

When I first had the diagnosis of autism and had cleared my head to looking forward, the obvious starting point was diet. Everything and everyone was talking about the gluten, casein free diet. I dipped my toe in and tried some of the overpriced gluten free replacements. They were so yuck that the yuck combined with a nagging voice was enough for me to try something different. Now my nagging voice was 'bread is the staff of life' and 'the land of milk and honey' WHAT? you might think. Well, my point is for centuries, we have eaten the stuff and be fine - so what has changed? Well, science is the answer. Perhaps science payed by big money is a better one.

Years ago, bread would take 2 days to make, now you can shove in flour and a load of yeast (which is mostly genetically modified) and you can eat it in 2 hours. Milk used to come from cows fed on grass and hay, and straight in a jug for consumption. Now, cows are fed corn (lots of it from the states where its mostly genetically modified) and the stuff is pasteurised (which kills most of the beneficial elements) and then stripped of its fats and then homogenised. The reason they do this is profit. And the scientist say its fine. Well friends, scientist will say anything if you pay them, and its big business with the money. Lets face it, who has the most money to spend and the most to lose, a small family run raw milk dairy farm, or big business milk with all the spin off business and products? So anyway, back to why is this stuff so bad for our kids. I remember asking one of the mums at an early bird session, and she gave me the line about leaky gut and molecules going into the bloodstream causing an opiate reaction etc, the standard response which I already knew. I looked at her and said 'I know all that, but why?' and she couldn't answer, or maybe didn't understand my question. My problem with this diet is no-one seems to look beyond it. My sister is allergic to cats, she appears fine as long as she keeps away from them, but she is still allergic to them. So when I read that (I think its called) bt corn, which is genetically modified, is actually listed as an insecticide, things made a little more sense. You see, they have actually put in the corn itself, a bacteria which kills the insects eating it, by destroyed their digestive system, it makes holes in them and then they die. Sound familiar? Our lovely men in white coats say this is safe for us to eat. But only the white men in coats who are paid by big business, some of the men in white coats disagree, but as they end up un-employed, they are brave souls to speak out.

So, take a minute to digest this. This corn which kills its enemies by destroying their insides is then fed to cows who are not designed to eat it. This gives them upset tummies, which leads to them having routine anti-biotics, it all ends up in their tissue, and then we eat it. The men in the white coats say this is fine, but they also thought it was a good idea to feed dead mashed up sheep to cows, and that didn't have a happy outcome either.

My problem isn't with all scientist, my problem is with the arrogance. I live in wonder with all that we don't know, they seem to think what we don't know isn't importance. They have no idea what most of our genes do, so they call it junk DNA. I kind of go back to when they thought the world was flat, and work from there. The other day I read a really interesting article which just proved this point. If you ask most people what the point of your appendix is, they will say it has no point at all. This is because they had no idea what its purpose was, so rather than saying this, they said it was useless. Well, this article argued that the point of your appendix was as a 'repository for beneficial bacteria' and that far from it being a wee thing in us that evolution was slowly getting rid of, was also found to be in more than 50 mammal species. This has really sparked me up, since starting Ed on kefir water, his pooh has been so much better. I am still taking it easy with him, but the results from just 2-3 teaspoons a day are looking really good. I read another article which said that to really reap the benefits you need to include cultured veggies and kombucha (another bacteria tea) because they all had different types of bacteria, so once I have mastered the art of kefir water, veggies, here we come! These are all ancient foods, foods that truly nourish us, not some highly manufactured crap that makes a few very wealthy.

So lets bash the scientist just a bit more for fun. Apparently they are only just pondering about what there was before the big bang - that was my first thought! How about all the money spent looking for life outside of this planet, which focused on water and sunlight, because that's what they thought was needed to support life. Then, they went deep to the bottom of the ocean and found a whole eco-system in complete darkness, flourishing in water that is super heated. Wheres that leave the search for life? well, they are only looking for life as they know it. Perhaps its my attitude, when I was a teenager my dentist told me I needed 8 fillings. I thanked him and walked out. About 3 years latter I went back and this time he told me I needed 6 fillings. This was great, at this rate, in my 30's I wouldn't need any, and that is absolutely what happened. I went back to another dentist in my 30's and all I needed were some replacements for some of the old ones. Just because you have a white coat on doesn't mean I will believe you.

So, back to my replacement fillings. Who thought it was a good idea to put mercury in your teeth? did you know that heat and friction will release small quantities of mercury gas from them. So what do you think a sandwich and a cup of tea will do? Back then, I wasn't quite as switched on as I am now. I never let any of my children's teeth be filled with amalgam, I had read that orange juice helped with iron absorption. After the first filling, I learnt about the dangers of fruit acid! but only now am I thinking of how my own could have affected them. (Did you know that they also put small quantities of mercury in vaccines, along with thing like formaldehyde?) I have a big double filling at the back which needed replacing. My dentist did a lousy job and I ended up with food getting stuck between them, I swapped dentist, and had them replaced again. He did another lousy job which needed fixing. During all these procedures I rinsed with that weird pink drink, loads of bits of filling. Looking back, this is where Eds problems started. The symptoms of mercury poisoning are like a mirror for the symptoms of autism. If you have these fillings removed properly they have to cover up your mouth with plastic to stop the bits getting in your system and special ventilation so you don't breath in the gas. I had none of that. As I was older, and thought all my babies where behind me, I just thought it was me in the firing line. Poor Ed.  Science likes to point out that your more likely to have an autistic child the older you are, that its something to do with your old eggs. I think another way of looking at it is, as you are older you have had longer to absorb all the crappy chemicals they have released in the environment, and your body is more likely to be depleted of vital nutrients from all the crappy processed foods that our modern day diet is made up of.

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