Friday, 19 July 2013

A moment of unity

The recent hot weather has seen no slow down in Ed, it didn't matter how hot it was, if he was going somewhere - he was running! Eventually, the weather took it toll on his tummy and I got the call to get him from school. He had had the 'runs' in the playground, all over the playground and himself. JOY!
As I picked him up, I joked with his teacher 'I'm only taking him if he is empty' - 'Oh he's empty' she said with meaning. I had dreaded the following 48 hours, but he calmed down, and was really very sweet, and on James 19th birthday, he joined James with his friends drinking beer on the patio, with his carton of Cranberry Juice.

The following day, the heat got sticky. The kind of hot sticky that only a thunder storm dissipates. Thankfully the rain waited till all were home and then we had a massive cloud burst, honestly the splats of the rain drops were easily 2'' across. We all stood at the back door watching. Ed went running out in it dressed in PJ bottoms and a vest. The front of the vest was held in his mouth, and he held both trouser legs up in each hand, and he ran round so joyfully that we were all held spell bound, laughing together like a normal family. In came Ed completely soaking, into the cupboard under the stairs and ran out with a ginormous umbrella and back out he went, still with his vest in his mouth, and trying to hold up both trouser legs and an umbrella, its was so funny. All 4 of us stood, laughing and enjoying each other, and enjoying Ed. All the previous hair pulling and biting forgiven, and I had a wee glimpse of what life could be like, maybe even what life might be like in the future, God I hope so x

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