Sunday, 14 July 2013

Everything has 2 sides

Every cloud has a silver lining. Other than the fact I have a gorgeous wee fella who has spiced up my life, the other side to having Ed is the wonderful people I have met as a consequence of him.

I really have had the best weekend ever. On Friday I met up with some ladies I knew from a toddler group I used to go to. I had to leave early because I had a Treating Autism support coffee morning. As I left, I bumped into another lady I met from another toddler group I went to. It was so lovely to catch up, and as I sped of to Marlow (late) I reflected on all the wonderful people I have met. Roll on more wonderful ladies in Marlow. One of them was talking about her child hanging on the curtain pole. 'What?' I said, 'You have curtains?' The whole group burst into laughter, no, they all used to have curtains. How nice to be with such a positive and knowledgeable bunch, we laughed as we all burnt in the afternoon sun. What a great Friday, even managed to squeeze in a NAET treatment.

Saturday, all the wonderful people who work at children in action, a charity supported by  Bucks Council to help disabled children. As I drove away from dropping him off, I just caught sight of him charging off round the corner out of sight and the lady looking after him running in hot pursuit! How nice it was that it wasn't me! Well he ran all morning, and then we squeezed in another treatment.
In between 4.30 when we got back and 6pm when we had tea, he manged somehow to find some old paint at the top of the garden and get it all over him and pour his dads Radox all over the bathroom floor. I caught him washing his hands in the toilet. I don't know if any one has tried to mop up a bubble bath spill, but its quite difficult, especially on what was said to be the hottest day of the year.

Sunday, and he is off with Lauren at the moment. Its our weekend for respite, this doesn't happen every weekend except in my dreams. I am just wondering how many children he has licked, and whether he has managed to get in with any animals or let them out. Oh, its so good to be alive. This has been a good week. x

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