Wednesday, 24 July 2013

beware of flies, and things that fly! and google google google!

The recent nice weather has meant that our wee boy has spent a lot of time outside swinging in the tree hammock. Dressed mainly in just a pair of under pants, covered in coconut oil, he can play for hours. The other day, I had trouble calling him in for a bath, so I went out to get him. As I passed an empty 'urn' which is  waiting for me to put something in it, I noticed that it was attracting a load of flies (always a bad sign), as I looked in, guess what? It had a big pooh in the bottom. There was a wasp in there as well, so I thought I would just leave it till all the guests had left. Yes, the boy had wanted a pooh, hovered over my pot, job done! As I took him inside, I showed it to him and told him that was naughty, pooh went in the toilet. Gosh, I must be a comedian, because he laughed all the way indoors.

Again, due to the recent nice weather, the windows have been open wide in the late afternoon. There's quite a list of things I have found on the drive, thankfully nothing breakable. You hear footstep, wild laughter, and splashing in the bath. That means, look outside! I can't tell you how funny that is to him, or how important it is to keep anything breakable away from the windows! When you bring it back, well, you're the worlds funniest comedian again.

I must apologise for my constant reference to what comes out of my boy, but to understand anything about autism, you have to look at the gut. Most of our autistic children will have gut issues, and to start to address their issues, this is where to start.

Did you know that in the gut there are neurons similar to that found in the brain?
Did you know that there is a gut brain connection?
Did you know that you have more bacteria in your body than cells?
Did you know that most of these are found in you gut?
Did you know that you have good bacteria and bad bacteria, and that any anti-biotics will kill your good bacteria and leave the bad to flourish?
Did you know that most of the good bacteria you supplement via pro-biotic, yogurts etc don't survive the acid in your stomach?
Did you know that these good bacteria are the first line in your immune system defence?
Did you also know that they think that these good bacteria are responsible for lots of the complicated enzymes we produce that make us such amazing biological creatures, compared to say a mouse or a worm, which only has a few less genes than us?

Well, I could 'did you know?' a lot more, this one subject is so interesting, trust me, put it in goggle and you have several weeks of amazing revelation if you could be bothered to research it, or just take my word for it. This has been a thorn in my side for a long time. What falls out of Ed varies from the pretty normal to a bubbling, foul smelling, yeasty liquid. How to address this in my boy, who will not take supplements. Well, thankfully there are lots of different types of pro-biotic, some are soil based - ever heard of the saying everyone needs to eat a pinch of dirt before they die? Well, they may not have realised it, but they meant the pro-biotic in soil which have been described as the Chuck Norris  of pro-biotic! I think these are the type you find in traditional fermented foods like sauerkraut. But there are others and these are really interesting to me as a mother of a fussy eater, and those are Kefir. You  may or may not remember, but a while ago, a very sweet lady at a Treating Autism Support Coffee morning, was handing bags out of the stuff with instructions. It was an answer to a prayer, because who wants to buy something like that of e-bay? Well, I have been making it, making everyone take it, and slipping it in Eds drink. I haven't been able to afford any NAET treatments lately, so all I have been doing with him, is letting him get plenty of Vit D in the sun (remember coconut oil, not suncream) fresh air, Vit C and a teaspoon ( just till we get used to it ) of Kefir water. He has been really good considering and recently has been really trying to babble, reading books with different voices. On the second day of taking Kefir water, he did 4 solid big poohs, which is a sign his gut is beginning to normalise. There is a lot more to do, I need to introduce proper homemade bone broth, to help heal his gut further, make my own sourdough bread ( need to make the starter first ) and get hold of some cholesterol, what? Yes! Cholesterol, which is a must have ingredient for your body. No, it doesn't clog your arteries, that would be vegetable oil, YES! VEGETABLE OIL!! that silent killer, artery clogger and belly fat maker. One of the first things I did in my intervention was hit the veg oil on the head. We use butter from Guernsey cows, full fat non-homogenised Guernsey milk, fry now in coconut oil and use flax oil for dressings. As winter comes upon us, I will be making lard, YES! homemade lard, a great nutrient dense food - will cover that latter. Anyone who is thinking what! check it out on google, everything you heard about what a healthy food is, is probably wrong. It was a shock to me to. The last thing that I swapped immediately was salt. I have always used sea salt in cooking, but now I slosh it about, those who think this is a banned food, think again. Where else do you get those important trace minerals from, and salt is needed for water exchange at a cellular level, again, check it out, but check out sea salt or the wonderful pink Himalayan salt, as opposed to table salt, which you shouldn't have anyway coz that really is bad for you!

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was share my discoveries, and I kinda shared rather a lot just there, but not all the reasons why I do it, so next week, I will go through them one by one. These are things that we all should be doing to be healthy, not just because it helps with autism. Autism is the canary singing in the mine. Our precious children are an alarm that things are very wrong in our food chain, I know it as Autism, your may know it as something else, like cancer, hormone trouble, problems with your teeth, chronic fatigue etc. You know, at the beginning of the week a webinar came up from the Institute of Autism in American. It was lead by some Lady Professor, and the title of the webinar was TILT (toxic induced loss of tolerance) Its on the web if anyone is interested, its pretty weighty stuff, but basically, we are all slowly poisoning ourselves with a mass of chemical that were unknown in the 1940's(the chemist might have known about them, but hadn't as yet put it in our shampoo etc), our new diet of manufactured foods are also poisoning us, leaving our bodies unable to do what they used to. Autism is just one of the dreadful consequences of industrial food. All the foods I am re-introducing are things we have eaten for centuries with no ill effect. Why are our children sensitive to gluten, well, the bread we eat now is not the bread we ate then, nor is the milk, the fruit and veg and even the meat and dairy is all, well, fucked up. Our bodies are amazing things, we have many complicated processes which happen without us knowing or doing anything. Proteins and enzymes breakdown to make other proteins and enzymes which make hormones that break down to do something else etc, etc, one wrong move in this chain, and the rest of the system doesn't work. You wont notice anything dramatic, you know your leg wont fall off, but at a cellular level things are not what they ought to be, and you may just at best feel a bit off. Ask yourself this question. Do you fit the description of health from the World Health Organisation, that good health is feeling vibrantly alive. And why, if once bread was the staff of life is it so not now. Why are so many children so allergic to things, why are so many children needing glasses, invasive dentistry, why are so many adults needing glasses now. You know this isn't how it used to be, and no its not because the NHS is picking more things up, its because there is more of it, ie, our bodies not working properly.

Till next week, (the children are on holiday now and the holiday clubs start then) knock yourself out and google even just one of the things I mentioned, and I know you will start doing just the same as me x

PS I know anyone can put anything on google, so I crossed reference everything to make sure I was reading fact not fiction, because at first, I couldn't believe we had got it so wrong, and thats why it took me nearly two years of constant enquiry to know what I do now.

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