Monday, 8 July 2013

finally summer is here!

Having thought that perhaps summer was last Wednesday and Sunday, this week just warmed up to give us a much needed burst of sunshine and heat. Great for us, but not for my poor Ed. I think the previous months of dampness have affected us all with micro spores of some nasty variety. I could hear all sorts of racking coughs from the neighbours, husband and the boys are sneezing as though they have  hay fever, which is a new one, and Ed as started scratching again. There are big scabby lines on his ankles where something on the grass is making him itch. Not just his ankles but his legs and arms and body. Last night I had to rub some savlone on his face as his cheeks and nose were Scarlett from all the rubbing and itching. The intense heat (which when just a few weeks ago to my disgust I put the heating on because I was so cold) has caught us off guard, we haven't had time to shed our winter fat and acclimatise. Here in England we can only cope with mediocer. To much rain we flood, too little rain we have a drought. Our houses are cold in winter and hot in summer, and perfect for the rest of the time. Our house stores up the heat and in the cool of the night it is scorchio. As Ed has pulled down most of the curtain poles, I cant even pull the curtains to try and keep out the hot sun. Despite the windows all being opened, its difficult to sleep, and the little fella was up till 1am last night before he finally settled in our bed. This morning he was very grumpy. I kinda thought does the Education Secretary not have children, because how is he expecting them to learn when the weather is so hot, isn't that part of the point of a summer holiday. So note to self, will write a letter to MP when I finish, (which is my new hobby to prove to my 14year old that democracy works)

Back to Ed. The heat hasn't just played havoc with his physical comfort and sleeping routines. We are back to loose pooh and a bucket of pooh pants in disinfectant. With my other two, you could reason with them and let them understand what was happening and how to cope. With a non-verbal autistic child, you do the same but don't get the same result. I have no idea how much he understands, its all guess work. Anyway, I hope the warm weather is here to stay for a while, so we can all get used to it. Better having a grumpy child in the garden than the house!

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