Tuesday, 9 July 2013

something really weird

Well Guys, I had been planning on telling our story by recounting some of the stand out memories I have of Ed, then tracing it back to where we started, to how we got here. But yesterday I had the opportunity to make an extra visit to our NAET therapist. We hadn't been able to get a time that suited us both for a couple of week, and an opportunity arose where I thought 'What the hell, lets see if Ann is free!' I popped into Eds school yesterday to hand the Headmaster some literature from Treating Autism, you see I have decided to make myself busy, on a side note, I am so glad I did. His school has been put in special measures, which doesn't sound great, but brings in lots of expert help to get the school where it should be. Just before Ofstead came, the Head resigned out of the blue, and the Deputy Head who had only just started became the emergency head, and now he is the official Captain of the ship. What a lovely man, speaking to him, I am really glad that Ed is with them. Anyway, on with my story.

This gave me the opportunity to pick Ed up, which meant I could just slip in a treatment before the traffic gets to heavy. So off we went, now for about the past 2-3 weeks the itching has begun. I thought we were over it, but as soon as he went outside (when the rain finally stopped in June) it was back. Now in the generally scheme of things it wasn't a biggy, but it steady got worse, to him rubbing his face sore when summer finally happened overnight. So I knew the itching wasn't all heat related. This is apparently the worst year on record for pollen, so Ann tested him for grasses and he tested positive. Now she had a dilemma, because he was also due to be treated for nicotine. So, she tested them for order and nicotine won. There I was feeling guilty thinking it was my past smoking days, or his Dad who still smokes (albeit one of those pretend cigarettes now) but no, apparently tomatoes are really high in it as well. Guess who has started eating tomatoes (only cherry tomatoes) like they're going out of fashion? He will take them straight off the chopping board, your plate, your fork you name it he loves them. And he eats them by the bucket load.

The first few times we started with this therapy I had to bribe him with naughty foods to try and keep him still, Ann said don't worry, he'll soon settle down. I didn't believe her, but sure enough, after only a few weeks, he runs in, no sweeties required. Now he sits still in such a state of peace its eerie. Not this time, as soon as she started treating the nicotine, he was squirming, unhappy. He jumped on the table to finish off passing the treatment, and started to cry. Normally he lies there in a state of quite peace, not now. He keeps squirming, crying, at one point he sat up and gave me a sweet little kiss and lay back down crying. He never does that. Ann and I just keep trying to calm him till the buzzer went, thank God when it did. He ran out, still crying and upset. Was upset the entire journey home which is a good 30 minutes. About 10 minutes from the door, over a short period of 2-3 minutes, he quiets down and is transformed into a happy boy and is positively joyful. This side of my little bunny has been missing for the past 2-3 weeks. Just before bed, he has the worst diarrhoea. More cloth for the pooh bucket. But after that, in the bath happy, in bed happy, read a story, turned over and off to sleep he went, WOW!
This morning happy. It was so weird, I guess looking back the steady consumption of all those tomatoes raised his level of nicotine, which then set a reaction off with histamine, which makes you itchy and inflames all your insides. Passing it was obviously unpleasant, and difficult, but once passed, job done.

Now anyone who doesn't know about this therapy will be scratching their head, what am I on about! Well, I promise to start our story tomorrow, this therapy obviously comes at the end, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a great day X

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